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Inuktitut meaning: “Place of moving water”

Kugluktuk is located on the Arctic Ocean, at the mouth of the Coppermine River. Situated in the Coronation Gulf, which separates Victoria Island from the main land, Kugluktuk is the most westerly of the communities found in Nunavut. Its Inuktitut name means the “place of moving water” which refers to the nearby rapids at Kugluk/Bloody Falls.

The language most often in use is Inuanktin, which is a dialect of the more recognized Inuktitut language spoken in the eastern Arctic. While Inuktitut uses written syllabics, Inuanuktin uses standard Roman orthography.

Much of the daily life of the residents is still spent hunting and fishing. Residents of the community work hard to ensure their traditional skills are passed on to younger generations, whether it be sewing fur clothing, hunting game, carving soapstone, preparing traditional food, or playing music and drum dancing.

The Coppermine River played an important role as an exploration and fur trade route and is designated a Canadian Heritage River. Copper deposits along the river attracted the first explorers to the area.

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