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Clyde River is a Baffin Island hamlet, nestled in the Baffin Mountains, on the shore of Patricia Bay. About half of its 800+ residents are under the age of 18 and the population continues to grow rapidly.

Clyde River artists use a light green stone, obtained from the Mary River area of northern Baffin Island, for their carvings; however, the main medium is old whalebone found along nearby beaches. In fact, this community is now the centre of whalebone carving in the Arctic.

Although some sculptures are straightforward, representational depictions of animals, humans and simple hunting scenes, one trait that characterizes the work from Clyde River is the sense of humour and whimsy that results in images such as dancing and waving walruses.

The stone sculptures generally have soft, undulating outlines and are highly finished. Carved whale vertebrae are an example of the ingenuity of the artists who create their art from natural shapes and materials.

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