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Ross Kayotak, Igloolik, Nunavut

Ross Kayotak was born in 1969 in Iqaluit, Nunavut and now lives in Igloolik, Nunavut, in the Amituq area.  He is the son of Inuit Artists Mariuse Kayotak and Yvonne Kayotak. Many of Ross's family members are Inuit artists.

Ross began carving in the early 1980s, as he watched his parents carve. "My Mom and Dad are carvers, I grew up carving and I've been carving for more than 30 years". 

He carves in many mediums, primarily ivory and antler. Ross said his late father is his favourite artist and gave him great inspiration. 

His carvings depict life in the Arctic. Ross's carvings often have cheerful and expressive facial features. His work is detailed with movement and form.   

When he is not carving, Ross fills his days hunting and fishing. He attended the 2013 Nunavut Arts and Crafts Festival and participated in live carving demonstrations. 

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Igloolik, Nunavut

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